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If you need to test and balance your commercial HVAC system in Spring, TX, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has over three decades of experience helping businesses in the area.

At Texas Test and Balance, we have the tools and expertise to determine if your commercial HVAC is working correctly. Our goal is to get all the information you need to optimize its performance.

HVAC Test and Balance

Prevent Costly Repairs & Higher Bills

Test the vibration of your HVAC system to prevent damage. We utilize top-of-the-line equipment and skills to evaluate noises and vibrations. If there’s an imbalance, we provide solutions to reduce it.

Our team is also qualified to perform staircase pressurization. We make sure your stairwell has more air pressure than the rest of your building means that building occupants can exit safely in case of fire hazards. If it’s not correctly pressurized, we can help you get it up to code.

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We’re Highly Trained & Skilled

Increase the lifespan of your commercial HVAC by finding issues earlier. Work with our experienced technicians in Spring, TX. We’ll get the job done right. From HVAC testing to duct pressure testing, we do it all. Call us now to request a free estimate.

Our Full Range of Services


Make sure your HVAC system is working efficiently.

HVAC Testing and Balancing
hvac sound

Keep vibrations from damaging your HVAC system.

Vibration and Sound

Check your staircase’s air pressure with our help.

Stairwell Pressurization
Pressure Testing

Find and fix leaks in your ductwork by calling us.

Duct Pressure Testing

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