Offering Professional Staircase Pressurization Service to The Woodlands, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Keep your building up to code and make sure that any occupants can exit safely in an emergency. Our team at Texas Test and Balance can provide staircase pressurization services to commercial clients throughout The Woodlands, TX, and the surrounding areas. Trust our experienced professionals to give you the service you deserve.

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Staircase pressurization is an incredibly important part of fire safety. If the stairwell has higher air pressure than the rest of the building, then when the doors open, the smoke should be pushed down. This, in turn, can make sure any building occupants can exit safely. Sometimes, however, a stairwell may not be properly pressurized or may lose air pressure when it opens or closes. Our company can test your stairwell and make sure that it has the proper pressure. If it doesn’t, then we can provide you with a staircase pressurization system so that your building is prepared in case of a fire.

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Pressure-treated stairs are vital for any commercial building. If you’re near The Woodlands, TX, then contact our team at Texas Test and Balance to make sure yours are properly pressurized. Call today to get your free estimate.

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